New Mexico has several poker rooms and locations where willing gamblers meet to try their luck. Each of these rooms offers unique services with some special qualities attributed to them. All the rooms are worth visiting. For those with the time to do so. Below are some of the high rated poker rooms. In the region that are worth giving a try.

Sandia Resort Casino

The Sandia Resort Casino- this room is a well. Established destination for poker players. The resort accommodates 15 well furnished and modern poker tables. One of the things you might notice is that they have spent some time making this an enjoyable place to play. From the well cushioned chairs to the good lighting in the room Sandia has done it right. The room also has a very nice with high ceiling.  Also this is one of the better rooms as far as management goes. You will get a fair deal here.

Dancing Eagle

Dancing Eagle casino is another top rated poker room in New Mexico. This room has its charms too for local poker players. It has the rake structure of many other casinos- 10% with a maximum of 3 dollars. Many players become agitated when the bad beat is hit. It can get very large and everyone is trying to get their slice of the pie. The casino also offers promotions to some of the players. Depending on the points earned on the table. Y

Santa Ana Star Casino

Situated on 54 Jemez Canyon Dam Rd, Bernalillo in New Mexico, Santa Ana Star Casino is one of the best poker rooms in the town. This poker rooms hosts weekly tournaments and other occasions to its players. Unlike many rooms in the region.   The room offers free drinks and has established a cheap snack bar close to the room with hot dogs, soup and sandwiches. You can call the casino at 505-867-0000 .

So if you are passing by and are! Looking for a great place to play some cards. I would urge you to check out of these great poker rooms in New Mexico.

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