Poker Online is one of the most played online card game. It comprises of betting. Gentry from across the world enjoy a lot to play poker games. To go, with that, it demands and offers a distinguishing blend of chance, action, and skill.

There is a variety of Poker online variants available across the globe. We will consider Texas Hold’em for this article. We are going to mention a basic method that can help you to play the game online successfully.

Choosing the table

Here you have to decide the room you want to enter. It is not an easy decision to make as different tables follow different rules. It is an important decision to make that depends on the nature of the table.

Choice of stakes

Moreover, you need to decide whether you want to play the game with fun money or with real money. Fun money or free game allows a beginner to learn. But if you are playing with real money then you have an amount of cash at stake. There is going to be an undue pressure while playing with real money. So it is always advisable to start playing with small stakes.


Pre Flop

This is the first phase of the game. Playing fraternity calls it Pre Flop. A player in this phase deals with 2 hole cards. You get an option to bet, fold or raise the bet. The round gets going with bet dealer and runs clockwise. At your chance, you get the power to bet or to fold. You can also raise the bet if you are willing to.


Now, players deal with three community cards on the table. With this, the second betting round starts. The first player sitting to the left of the game dealer initiates betting. It is also called as Flop.


In this phase, contestant deals the fourth card face up after the three cards of the last round. This initiates another round of betting on similar grounds to the earlier rounds.


This is the last tactical round. Players deal with the last and the fifth community card on the table. This starts the final betting round in the clockwise direction. The betting again starts from the left of bet dealer.


This is the last step of the game. It takes place when there is more than a player remaining in the game after earlier steps. If there is only one player remains in bet then this phase of showdown does not take place. However, in this step, you make a five-card hand with the help of 5 community cards and two hole cards. And eventually ranking of the cards one holds determines the winner.

Therefore it is evident that playing Poker online involves numerous steps. A player who understands the basics of the game can play the game online. Playing the game online can be sometimes tricky as you don’t get to read facial expressions of your competitors. But it is not deterrent as it gets convenient sometimes due to the guidance support from the hosting website.